My guests on today’s episode of the Strongwriting Podcast are Linda Hildonen and Colby Michaud. Linda and Colby are a songwriting team working under the name LinCo Media and they specialize in musicals.

Their short film “Queen of Hearts” won “Best Music” in the Maine Film Association’s Winter Film Challenge, a 72-hour Film Festival. They have just started releasing a six-episode weekly podcast musical called “Once in a Lifetime” that you should definitely check out. Linda and Colby are here to discuss their songwriting process, and why they chose to write musicals.

This topic is of course near and dear to my heart, since I’ve spent years in the theater, writing music, so we might geek out a little over musicals. Linda and Colby also share some great tips for songwriters who want to get into writing musicals, so make sure you listen to the very end.

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Over the past 20+ years, I've worked as a professional songwriter. I've written music for award winning musicals, TV shows, other artists and my own singer-songwriter career.

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