Eliminate Your #1 Songwriting Progress Killer 

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Tryggvi Heiðar Gígjuson

As songwriter I have always struggled with productivity and consistency. As a result, the lack of these two important things have affected my confidence in songwriting. Eyvindur’s approach to songwriting, time management and goal setting has boosted my productivity and rekindled my passion for writing songs since now I am writing songs like there is no tomorrow! I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to boost their productivity and creativity permanently!!!

Egg Nie

You are a person with incredible talent in so many ways. Listening to your music and your connection to the the other artists is wonderful to see and hear. It is nice to get advice, opinions and suggestions from you. We will keep sharing our love for music and the artists

Pablo Velez

Eyvindur is a true teaching artist. Anyone who works with him will know this from the first few minutes of conversation. His method is direct, well thought out, and focused on results. I strongly recommend working with him if you are looking to take your work process to the next level.

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Eyvindur Karlsson.

Over the past 20+ years, I've worked as a professional songwriter. I've written music for award winning musicals, TV shows, other artists and my own singer-songwriter career. My songs have been performed by artists in Iceland and abroad, and I've gained a reputation as a prolific writer of memorable songs. Songwriting is a passion of mine, and when I'm not writing songs I love to talk shop with other songwriters.

It is my mission to help songwriters around the world to stop relying on "inspiration" and other myths, and empowering them to create fantastic songs on-demand and making a living doing what they love. That's how I'm making the world a better place - one song at a time.

Eyvindur Karlsson

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