Eyvindur Karlsson, singer-songwriter

I like to take that feeling you get when you've overindulged, drunk dialed your ex and fallen asleep in the bathtub wearing your finest suit, and put it to music...



Pour Me a Dream

Good Girls Go to Heaven

Ja Ja Ding Dong (From the Eurovision Song Contest movie)

About Eyvindur

Eyvindur Karlsson is an Icelandic singer-songwriter, theater professional and author. A veteran of the Icelandic music scene and with a wealth of experience from professional theater, he teaches songwriting to serious musicians who want to improve their skills and write more, better songs.

Eyvindur loves singing about the diamonds hiding in the mud – the beauty hiding among the sad and low down. He writes good, honest Americana and folk music in the vein of Tom Waits and Nick Cave, and likes to tell sad stories, mixed with a good dose of humor, that can make you laugh and cry, perfect for those stormy nights when you just want to sit by a fireplace, book in hand, listening to the crackling of the logs mixed with the crackle of the vinyl record, sipping tea and listening to the wind in the eaves.

Eyvindur has published a novel, been a translator for many years, directed and acted in theater productions, written songs for award winning musicals, traveled around the world with his theater projects and made TV and radio series. He lives in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland, with his wife and two sons.

Praise and Testimonials

Through music, Eyvindur Karlsson exudes a warm and weathered presence, an intimacy that cannot be taught. He becomes a friend to the listener.

Kristján Atli Author

Great stage presence, wonderful voice with interesting lyrics.

Eggert Einer Nielsen Festival curator

Very clever with words. Theatrical.

Arnar Eggert Thoroddssen  Music reviewer for Icelandic National Radio 2

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